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Photo: Kelly Sikkema

Our team is excited to unveil today what we’ve been working on, why we know it matters, and how you can join us to make Americans more independent.

Abound (means “to exist in abundance”) helps the best businesses in the Independent Economy win with new financial features that increase retention, revenue, and compliance.

68 million self-employed Americans face financial shocks that come with working without a safety net.

Unlike traditional (W-2) employees who have access to benefits through their employer, self-employed (1099) individuals must source their own tax compliance, health insurance, and retirement plans.

You know this already, right?


The apps that pay and serve independent workers have an opportunity to make them more financially secure by embedding benefits and autonomous finance features. (Image Credits: Paul Hanaoka)

Unlike traditional employees whose employers handle withholding and benefits for them, 59 million independent workers have to find, manage, and pay for their own benefits. Companies like Stride Health and Thimble are making it easier for independent workers to select benefits providers, but independent workers are still in search of an easy way to set aside enough for taxes, healthcare, retirement, and savings — avoiding crippling financial shocks.

Abound says it has solved this challenge with its independent benefits API for businesses that serve independent workers, letting these apps embed individual benefits and automate contributions in a tax-optimized way for…

The name “Track” made sense at the time of our founding in 2015. started out as a friendly chatbot that would keep an eye on an independent worker’s bank account and offer to set aside enough for taxes every time it detected new 1099 income.

Five years later, our company is thinking beyond just handling tax withholding. Today, we continue our mission by powering the apps that serve independent workers through a new category we’ve defined: independent benefits API. We’re helping the best businesses in the independent economy win through increased retention, revenue, and compliance. …


Abound is the independent benefits API for those serving independent workers.

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